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is descended from four generations of landscape and portrait painters.

















“I learned composition, color and good taste and from my aunt.  My father was a master of technique.  He gave me the tools.  He started me very young with line drawings.  He pushed me to read and explore how things are done.  But most of all, he made me practice, practice, practice.  When other kids were outside playing, I was doing line drawings. I know now he was building my foundation for greater things to come.”


was born in December, 1969 and grew up in Dover, Delaware.  He is descended from four generations of landscape and portrait painters.


 Aaron has various degrees in design education giving him the ability to dream higher, become wiser and create works that will live forever in the hearts of many ...

for generations to come.

Athough his early years were spent with paint and mixed media, he now devotes full time to sculpture.


“The name tells you where I am coming from and where I am going.  This is what drives me.  I feel each piece pushes me to create something both ancient yet very new.   My story keeps evolving…like a book.” 


“I am driven by perfection…to create something that connects with people in a fundamental way… that grabs and holds their full attention."




"The essence of my sculptures captures the complexity of various indigenous tribes executed with imagination and a touch of fantasy."


“I am frustrated at times when I feel I cannot achieve what I see in my mind.  It just drives me harder.  I want to push the limits of the figure.  I want to push the way we see art."


The works presented by Aaron Paskins are represented in private collections nationally and internationally.


"The human anatomy is the greatest subject one can visualize."

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